Hello y'all,

My name is Krugy.

I am the delicious Vanilla-Caramel flavored cream-liqueur in its unique
bottle. THE TRUE ADULT BEVERAGE. I have become the "Talk of the Town" and
"the Hit of the Party".
I am traveling around the world one country at the time - and now

I have arrived in America.

You find me in trend setting cities to see and be seen; "swing'ng the
slopes" and "riding the waves" at the best resorts; see me sailing all the cruise- and party
ships; catch me "krug'ng" to Key West, danc'ng in the Streets of New Orleans and
leaving my heart in San Francisco.

Do your friends know about me yet? Why not let them know by sending
them a cute little email card from me?

In the meantime, have fun visiting my website and I'll see you soon in
your favorite hang-out place.

"little Krugy"

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